Defaul Screen in performance mode

    Mentalplay  will allow us start the show from a fake Home Screen phone seeming that you began the performance from another app ( Youtube, Vimeo, or Custom Player) .

    Make a screenshot of your home screen phone where you have Youtube or Vimeo or Custom player app depending on which one you are going to use. This should be stored in your gallery.

    Tap over each picture to upload it to MENTALPLAY. Once done, the default image will be changed for the one you have just taken. You must let the app have access to the gallery.

    Homescreen fake image, we recommend you to cut the picture up to the hour part, battery and signal so that they do not appear in your own mobile.

    The player is completely customizable. Create and upload your picture or make a screenshot of your Youtube or Vimeo account  to make it more real. 

Fake youtube customization

CUSTOm player customize

VIMEO customize