With VIMEO integration you can send the spectator  a link before starting the show, the new generated video will be replaced by an old one keeping the old date of the replace video.   

Also the title and description of the video will be replaced automatically and the best thing …, this will be instantaneous in real time.


Once the token has been added, a screen will be displayed with each of the videos that you have in your vimeo account.

Tap the video that you want to be replaced by the new video generated by Mentalplay.

The settings will be saved automatically when you return to the main screen.

vimeo output  (NORMAL MODE – no inject input):

Perform the trick as you normally would,

Just when you tap «PLAY» the video begins to upload to Vimeo (this process may take a while to be available, normally a 30 second video may take between 40 seconds to 2 min (in some cases even less than 30 seconds) depending on different factors (transcode, internet connection, video duration). 


Once the video is available on Vimeo, a cloud icon will be displayed in the player.

Tapping on the fake image, Mentalplay  will redirect you to the VIMEO URL  of the replaced video.

NOTE: If you tap on fake image before tap on play, it will not redirect you to Vimeo.

Inject input + vimeo output:

Homescreen  mode  (inject input):  

When the video is available in the gallery, the phone vibrates (3 short Buzz).

 Then when the video is available in Vimeo, the phone vibrates again and Automatically closes. 



Only inject input ( no vimeo output)  the app close when the video is available in the gallery,

With Vimeo output, in this case the app will close automatically when the video is available in Vimeo.

Blackscreen mode (inject input):

Mentalplay will notify that the video is available in the gallery through the render indicator (vibration, render image) and then when the video is available on Vimeo, it will vibrate again and a cloud icon will be displayed.

The app is not closed to avoid suspicions when the phone is turned on when it goes from the black image to the homescreen 

To avoid that when you send the vimeo link, and they have to log in to vimeo.

You should Upload your video via desktop version of Vimeo.

On the right is privacy options. Select rated for all audiences

If you are going to check the vimeo upload of the replaced video from the vimeo app, in some cases you must refresh the app by sliding down.  (since in some cases the image of the trumpnail and the previous title are shown, having to refresh it so that it is updated)

if you are going to verify it from the url through the web (without app) this should not happen and less the first Once, obviously when the spectator enters the url from your app or through the web, this problem should not exist since it is the first time.


the fake video error is a very good guarantee, to ensure and justify in case of any problem with the vimeo servers, the best thing is that you always have the video in the gallery and you will never be thrown

You can download this video in the facebook user group, in the files folder