TRICK: Mental dice prediction.

Prediction of the high face numbers of three dice of different colours: red, white, blue and a word or sequence of numbers (maximum 10 characters) chose by the hand-written viewer in a post-it.

This trick is composed of 3 Numpad Video, each containing 6 videos of each of the faces of a red, white and blue dice. And a Master Video (pos-it). Master Video 

In the «Video Description» panel there are some indications where the spectator chooses the number of each dice, the 3 Numpad Video is customized with hyphen and «x»

Launch MENTALPLAY app and leave it open with the «fake» home screen. 

Tell the spectator to name or type a word not too long, it can be an object, a place or a person’s name, whatever they want. Once named, tell him that yesterday you recorded a video at home, and uploaded it to your Youtube or Vimeo «My videos section»  in a hidden way so that no one can see it until now, with the name Mental Dice Prediction. (remember that you can change the title and customize the trick as best suits your preferences)

Tap on the «home screen» where you have your «Youtube or Vimeo» pretending to access it, when the fake photo of youtube is shown where is my videos section simulates entering by clicking on this.

The Fake Search screen will be shown where all the  Trick/videos are found.

and write the word named by the spectator in the search engine, (as long as you type the word named by the viewer will appear those of the title of the video/trick, in this case Mental Dice Prediction) thus managing to transmit to MENTALPLAY the word in a hidden way without the spectator suspecting it (at first it may seem obvious but because you know how it works, the spectator not knowing what is happening will not pay attention and will pass completely unnoticed. Do it with peace of mind by looking good on the keyboard so you don’t make any mistakes. Remember to disable before starting the trick if you have it active, the concealed, suggestions of your keyboard and the quick function of «.» so that you do not insert a point when you double-click the spacebar.

Double-tap the spacer key when you’re done typing the whole word, getting two things; it will start generating the video of the post-it with the word you have written in a hidden way going unnoticed by the spectator and will also disappear all the videos/tricks showing on screen the video you were supposedly looking for.

Eye! If you previously performed another trick and closed the application the title will come out the last trick performed therefore make sure and select the trick previously showing three points in a row horizontally next to the video/trick image, warning the activated trick.

Tap on the video, showing the Screen The Player (where the player is and the video description panel).

Now inform the spectator that you have left in the video description panel as a reminder some annotations and instructions which you should read.

As you decide, you move the screen up and at the same time secretly selecting the video through the Numpad.

Tap on «Play»



Remember that in this trick the MUX is activated therefore you must wait for the two icons in the upper right part of the player to be visible before pressing play. The two icons will indicate that the entire render is done, don’t worry it will last only a few seconds


All recordings are made and edited with such precision that you will be able to change the order of the Numpad video (Red dice, white dice or blue dice) or even use several Numpad video of the same colour that will not affect the sequence, resulting as if everything was part of the same recording and sequence not appreciated transition or cuts between the end of a video with the beginning of another video , but a fluid sequence in which one die is displayed and then another as part of a single recording.

For example: imagine predicting a sequence of numbers such as pin code, using 4 Numpad video (white dice). The possibilities are endless, the limit is set by your imagination.

If you want to use a repeated numpad (Red dice, White dice, blue dice) in the same trick. Contact me and I will send you the videos of the dice so that you can create new numpad and you can add more than the same color in a trick … (in the future they will be given other colors such as green, black …

You can modify its settings and customization from, > Trick > Mental Dice Prediction >…, as you like and fit your personality.