Trick: Hypnotic Spiral

This trick is composed of a Basic Video of a Hypnotic Spiral and a List Force.

This trick is composed of a Basic Video of a Hypnotic Spiral and a List Force.

With this trick you can make a prediction other than through a video as in the previous cases, but the video serves as a pretext and justification to be able to use a force list and be able to make a prediction with a photo or a written card.

For this purpose a video of a hypnotic spiral has been used, but you could also use for example a video of you with a pendulum giving hypnotic suggestions, the idea is that the spectator sees the video in order to enter an altered state of consciousness, allow him to relax and believe that this will make it easier for you as a mentalist to be able to read his mind and predict a thought. When you’re ready, let him put his mind blank and pay attention to the video.

Once you have finished seeing it you inform you that in the description panel of the video you have left an listed list of 100 celebrities and will choose one but before showing it to be totally random you will think of a number of 1 to 100, both inclusive, the item (supermarket list) that corresponds to the number thought will be your choice.

When he confirms that he already has the number in his mind, let him change his mind several times and change the number as many times as he wants so he doesn’t think he’s been influenced or manipulated by some kind of subliminal message in the video and when he’s already decided to nod.

That’s when you look into his eyes, put your showman skills and write on a card, «ketchup» (item selected as force in the setting) and leave it face down on the table.

Then let them say the number he thought.

Allows the spectator to check that in the list the number he has chosen belongs to KETCHUP, then flip the card and show your prediction.


Add more than one force list, and make different predictions, performing the same effect with one or more spectator.

Make two predictions to two spectator using the «one ahead» principle, in which the first spectator hands the mobile to view the list and choose a celebrity (totally free choice) and the second spectator who says a number without seeing the list to be random, forcing KETCHUP in this case.

Create a new trick and instead of using the spiral video, you can add a video of yourself by making several revelations at once with different force lists, or by means of videos that you can find online.

These are just one of the examples:

  • Britney Spears Pepsi Commercial: force list celebrities and force list supermarket.
  • Obama eating a burger: force list celebrities and force list supermarket.
  • Simpson : there are chapters of the Simpsons (in the Eiffel Tower, in the supermarket taking «ketchup», Elton John playing the piano, etc…) so you can use 3 forcing lists and an edited video in which you can see the different sequences. The Facebook user group will share the edited video as described above for which they can use it in their repertoire.

Feel free and create your own routines and ideas and share them with the community.