TRICK: Chalkboard Prediction

Prediction of a word (object, person’s name, place, etc.) written in chalk on a chalkboard on which hangs a Superman keychain that also coincides with the viewer’s choice of a list of 100 characters (superheroes) written on video description panel.

This trick is composed of a Master Video (chalkboard) and a List Force (superheroes).


After reviewing the previous tricks and coming this far you will have already thought of how to present and create a routine according to your personality and style.

In my case from Settings > Tricks > Chalkboard Prediction, I have disabled the force list and added a Numpad with 100 videos, each taking or pointing to a different object from a house, thus being able to make two predictions: an object that you can find in any house and a random word written on a chalkboard.

If you prefer instead of a Numpad with 100 videos, you could add two or more Numpad with 5 videos each, first Numpad taking different tool in the garage, another Numpad with 5 videos eating different fruit in the kitchen, another with clothes…

Getting several revelations with a video in which you will be seen taking a tool in the garage, then picking a fruit in the kitchen and then focusing a slate on the wall, so the whole sequence is in the same context «in your house» hitting each of the viewer’s choices and finishing at the end with the word written on the board.