TRICK: Graffiti Wall

Prediction of a person’s name freely chosen by the viewer written on a wall with a Graffiti by Jay Z (Rapper and husband of singer Beyonce), which also coincides with the spectator choice of a list of 100 celebrities written on video description panel.

This trick is composed of a master video (Gaffiti) and a list force (celebrities).


Tell the spectator to name anyone, childhood friend, family member, co-worker…) the first one to come to mind.

Let’s say Gabriel says, inform him that 3 days ago when you were on the street on the way to work when you saw graffiti on a wall you had a deja vú and decided to record it and upload it to your «favourite social player» but that before showing it, you would like me to choose a celebrities from a list that you left written on the video description panel.

Follow the same modus operandi as in the trick described above until you access. The player screen (where the player is with the «Video Description» panel below).

Remember that the first time you start MENTALPLAY after installation, the «Mental Dice Prediction» trick is selected, so when you go to the search engine it shows you the title while you type the hidden word and execute the trick directly, but in this case being a different one you must select it previously well from the Fake Search, clicking on the trick (being selected with the three points) and closing the application.

When the application is injected after it has been closed, the trick performed/selected above will be activated.

Another option without leaving the app when you are acting, is to put the mobile at that moment not visible in front of the viewer, selecting it and hiding it again (leaving only the first videos/tricks visible leaving the rest hidden when it is off-screen), pretends not to have found the «selected video» and shows again the mobile informing you that it is faster to find it with the search engine, taking advantage of it to transmit to MENTALPLAY the word in a hidden way.

Once you’re on The Player screen. Tell him that under the title «Celebrities» there is a listed list of 100 celebrities but before showing it, to make it totally random you would like him to choose a number from 1 to 100, inclusive, and once he has decided to be able to check which celebrity belongs to the list.

Once you have forced «Jay Z», continue with the chat until the icon is displayed indicating that the render is already finished and is ready to play the video.


Create your own routine, Imagine for example: add a Numpad with five recordings of different Monuments or sites of interest of your city, another Numpad with five recordings of you next to different cars, another with different restaurants, bus stops, etc. All in the same context as it is on the street back from work, vacation in a city or walking around your neighbourhood, etc…, the possibilities are endless you can reveal in a single video all the decisions and choices of the spectator and finish with the chosen name written on the wall next to the graffiti, besides you will not need to wait to finish the rendering of the Master Video because it will be made in background while the previous videos of each of the choices, playing all the videos as if it were part of the same sequence instantly.

With the video over recording option you can customize the Master Video, synchronize your voice with the video, for example:

«… and finally you won’t believe it, but here’s this Jay Z graffiti and next to it…, the name of a person who exactly matches the one you’ve chosen…»

You can get better results by preventing them from alluding the person’s name or any other word, preventing someone in the audience from thinking that the device has voice recognition and give them some clue that it can work through an app, let them say it quietly with their mobile out of range or write it on a paper or card and if you also get the information through a look with any of your favorite methods (Center Tear, acidus novus, impression wallet …) the impact of the effect will multiply exponentially.

In this case you can take the freedom when you are on the fake search screen to disable the «cover ripping» function by clicking on the icon, since you do not need all the attention of the spectator, allowing you to write the «word» safely when the word you are typing instead of the title word is displayed on the screen.