TRICK: Cartoon Character Match

Recording a printer by printing a drawing character with a «word» underneath.

. It consists of 1 Master Video «printer», and 4  Custom Numpad that will allow you to create a character from different characteristics and traits.

Important: Mentalplay starts generating the video and rendering within two seconds of tapping on the last Numpad. You have two seconds of margin for in case of error to be able to rectify. 

Tell the spectator that you have a video uploaded you Youtube or Vimeo my videos seccion, but before showing it, you need to help you create a character, the first thing will be to decide its name, When you have chosen it access the screen The Player with the justification of accessing the video description panel where you left some annotations. By now you have already transmitted the character’s name to MENTALPLAY.

Then as the spectator decides the characteristics and traits of the character according to the annotations, you select in the Numpad as you scroll the screen to continue reading with the different descriptions of each of the elements that make up the drawing character.

You won’t need to memorize anything, since each trait and characteristic of the dress are listed so in each choice you have to look at the number of the list to which it corresponds and select it through the Numpad.


Cover with your talk the time you need for rendering by reviewing each of the choices by the spectator and all the possibilities it had if it had chosen one or the other, refer to the title, and the date of its publication or leaving a text at the end to be read once they have finished the elections, all this will help you to lengthen the time more, while rendering the Master Video.

To Customize the scene and also avoid waiting for the render add one or more Basic Videos before the Master Video with different shots, such as: talking and heading to camera, close-ups of the keyboard, mouse and screen as if you were designing before printing or anything you can think of.

Add a «voiceover» from  Trick > Cartoon Character Match > Audio...  listening to your voice and printer sound looking like you’re in the scene.