The Player

On this screen shows us the player (Player), the Video Description panel (DESCRIPTION BOX BELOW) 

Description of each of the components of the player:

1  Access to the Fake Search screen «My Videos Section»



2  Timer:

The timer does not function as a video time and duration indicator, but as a tool to be able to view and confirm each time we press on the NUMPAD the selected digits. When video is playing the «Timer» will not be visible.

It will always be at 00:00 except when you click on the NUMPAD, which will show in the minutes (last two zeros), the digits marked.

It will be displayed for two seconds and will return at 00:00.

In case you don’t want it to be displayed, tap on the timer, always staying hidden. Tap again if you want it to be displayed again.


3   Play – Pause Reset

Tap in PLAY of the player for the «Play» and the same for the «Pause». Each time you press in the centre it will alternate between «Play» and «Pause». Forward or backward modes are not available.

Long TAP : Reset


4  Render Fake icon.    (go to… RENDER/MUX)



5  Mux Fake icon.         (go to… RENDER/MUX)

The icon inside the blue box to the right of the Player at the bottom doesn’t work, it’s just like decoration.


If you want to watch the video in full screen put the mobile in a horizontal posit