TRick: Dream PRediction

Recording in an airport of a flight departure screen, where it appears: flight number, destination, time and (Gate).

1 Master Video and 2 Custom Numpads: 

   1 Numpad Time: through the hidden numeric keyboard we can mark the time.
   2 Numpad Minutes: through the hidden numeric keyboard we can mark the minutes.

Important: Mentalplay begins to generate the video and render itself two seconds after clicking on the last Numpad. You have those two seconds of margin in case of error to be able to rectify.

Tell the spectator that a few weeks ago you went on a vacation trip to a certain place.

But before showing him the video, you are going to give him the opportunity to use his intuition and recreate part of that journey with your help.

Then ask them where in the world they would like to travel to, when they answer you, ask them if by day or at night and tell them to tell you an exact time.

Surprise them by showing them a video at the airport where you are talking and showing a flight screen showing the same destination chosen by the spectator and the exact time.

tips and tricks

• Through the group of Facebook users (Mentalplay), a video of a “timelapse” of the airport will be shared, and another of an edited advertising spot, which you can add perfectly before the Master Video (airport), thus avoiding the time of wait for the render of the Master Video while playing these.

• In the flight number (FLIGHT) of the flight departure screen, there is the number “4028” forced “Life Equation by Peter Turner”.


Once the video is downloaded, go to tricks> dream prediction> Basic Video, and add this timelapse video, remember to place it in the first position within the ORDER OF PERFORMANCE window so that it plays before the MASTER VIDEO of the airport.

(you will not need to wait for the render, you can reproduce it directly in real time)