Fake Search

Screen that emulates the «my videos section», where you supposedly have your videos saved and a search  to locate it from among all your videos, although the reality is not that.

Except for the top six that are filler and have no configurations but only photo/frame and title: (Las Vegas, New York, Winter Wonderland, Chichen Itza, China and Paris) the others are each of the predefined tricks that MENTALPLAY incorporates. Each time you create a new trick in setting it will be displayed on this screen in performance mode. By tapping on the chosen trick/video, you will access THE PLAYER screen where you can finish the trick and view the video.

The last five «Tricks» that are incorporated with the application, (Mental Dice Prediction, Dream Prediction, Graffiti wall, Chalkboard prediction and Cartoon Match ) each contain a MASTER VIDEO in which they are linked to the search engine, therefore when you press you will not be able to access the player screen without first typing the word you are going to predict, otherwise THREE POINTS will be displayed horizontally indicating that the video/trick has been selected.

  When you finish performing and close and exit the application and you launch it again, will remain  selected the  last trick with Master Video  (Mental Dice Prediction, Dream Prediction, Graffiti wall, Chalkboard prediction and Cartoon Match ) , performed in previous performance. 

at this point you will understand why «video/tricks» of places (Las vegas, New York, China…)  have benn added, postitioned in the first ones above.

The purpose is that the TRICKS (Mental Dice Prediction, Graffiti wall, Dream Prediction, Chalkboard prediction and Cartoon Match ) remain hidden, off-screen and when you are acting, you simulate locating the video through the search engine of a large number of videos in your section of you Youtube or Vimeo videos, transmitting to MENTALPLAY the word secretly.

In Setting > Tricks.  you can modify the order in which they appear on this screen

Change the first Videos/Tricks of places with videos of your or new created tricks.


When you are typing the word chosen by the spectator in the search engine, instead of showing the letters that have been typed will show those of the title of the selected trick/video, thus managing to transmit to MENTALPLAY the word in a hidden way without the spectator having any suspicion, believing that you are typing the title of the video you are looking for.

This feature does not allow more than 10 characters (letters, numbers and some punctuation marks)  IN MENTALPLAY PRO VIDEO ( INPUT TEXT)  IT HAS NO LIMIT OF 10 CHARACTERS.

When you’re done secretly typing «the word,» Double Tap «SPACE». 

The previously selected video/trick will appear on the screen and the others will disappear, giving the appearance that the search engine found the video you were supposedly looking for. 


By tapping on the video you will be able to access THE PLAYER  screen; meanwhile you will be creating (render)  the video of a real recording, with the word you have secretly written in the search engine, depending on the video/trick selected. 

Tap the icon at the top to the right of the search engine to turn off   «COVER TYPING « option, showing the actual word you’re typing  instead of the title of the selected video/trick.

This is useful in case we have doubts that we have made a mistake and be able to check it or in case you have got the information (word or numbers) to your spectator through a peek by your favorite method and they do not need the total and permanent attention of what is happening while you are acting. 


Some devices have the Predictive Text Suggestions , Auto-Correction and Check Spelling function of the keyboard enabled, it is IMPORTANT to disable the two functions before performing the performance so that it does not actually show what you are typing. Also disable the «.» shortcut function (double tapping the space bar insert a period followed by a space.)